Sales Tax

Most countries charge a sales tax on items bought for personal or business use. In Britain this is called Value Added Tax (V.A.T.). TRICK-DICEdotCOM’s annual sales are not high enough to be VAT-registered in Britain therefore we do not add VAT to the cost of our products and we do not collect VAT from our British sales, or the equivalent tax from other countries.

If you buy our products from outside Britain, your national customs service may ask you to pay tax (usually 10-20% of value of goods) and possibly a handling charge as well. Many countries do not concern themselves with taxes on low cost items. In Europe, since Brexit, taxes are inconsistent – some parcels to some countries are taxed, others are not. We are not aware of any customers ever being charged taxes in the USA, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. We don’t have enough feedback from other countries to offer guidance.