Twice Dice


Options available :
★ Double numbers 1 – 6 available individually
★ Pair,  double 6 +  double 1
★ Set of six different Twice Dice, one of each double number
★ Set of six different Twice Dice in a leather case


Twice Dice are also known as”elimination dice” or “one-way tops.” One number has been replaced by another. For example the Double Four has an extra 4 instead of a 3, and the Double Five has an extra 5 instead of a 2. The extra number is on the opposite face to its double, so they are never visible at the same time. Only a close examination will give the game away.

Magicians use these dice to force a predetermined outcome. Role-playing gamesters use them to fine-tune the odds on certain eventualities. They are also of interest to teachers and students of statistics … not to mention unscrupulous tricksters who want to win dice games!

Here’s an example of how powerful these dice can be when used in a game. Let’s say you are using the Double Six and your opponent is using a Double One. Out of 36 throws, you can expect to roll a higher number than your opponent 26 times, draw 4 times, and lose only 6 times.

I designed the optional leather case myself. I cut three straps from good quality leather, interweave them, then lock them together with an eyelet. A brass press-stud and stainless steel split ring complete this stylish and practical travel case.

Size : 16mm (5/8inch)
Shape : rounded edges and corners
Colour : white with black spots.
Materials : injection-moulded plastic.
Other features : The blank dice are made in England from injection-moulded plastic. I use a precision jig system to machine the pip indents into exact position then colour them with a mica infused acrylic paint which is extremely hard-wearing.
Other useful information : Please check the FAQ pages (main menu) for SHIPPING, custom-made options, tips & tricks, and more.

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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, pair, set of six, set of six in leather case


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