The most versatile loaded die ever made! The secret weight inside can be positioned to load any of the 6 faces, 8 corners, or 12 edges of the die. Pack includes purpose-designed 3D-printed rack. (See full description below).
Colour Choice: white with black spots or red with white spots.


This Reloader die can be ‘programmed’ in 26 different ways!

The hidden weight inside can be positioned to ‘load’ any of the 6 faces, 8 corners, or 12 edges of the die. It takes about 45 minutes to reset the die, and the process can be repeated indefinitely.

Reloader Dice are hollow and contain 5 grams of Gallium metal. Gallium is a heavy metal with a very low melting point (30°C/86°F). The metal can be melted by immersing the die in hot water for a few minutes. Once melted the metal will flow to the lowest point of the hollow chamber. The chamber is criss-crossed with a framework of thin rods (see diagram) which will fix the metal in place when it solidifies again. The die is placed in a specially designed rack until the metal cools.

This original design is exclusive to TRICK-DICE.COM.

Instructions: Place the die in a cup of hot water, about 50-80°C / 120-180°F (NOT boiling). Remove it after 15 minutes and place it in the supplied rack for 30 minutes while the metal solidifies again. Tap the die a few times with your finger to help the gallium settle in the lowest point. The rack supports the die in any of 3 positions: (1) Face uppermost. (2) Edge uppermost. (3) Corner uppermost.

Note: A loaded die will not succeed every time. The hidden weight increases the probability that certain number(s) will be rolled. These are called “the favoured numbers.

(1) Face uppermost – the number facing upwards will be favoured. In this example, the die is loaded to roll 5. There are 6 possible loaded numbers when the die is face-loaded: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

(2) Edge uppermost – two upward facing numbers will be favoured. In this example, the die is loaded to roll 1 or 5. There are 12 possible loaded combinations when the die is edge-loaded: 1+2; 1+3; 1+4; 1+5; 2+3; 2+4; 2+6; 3+5; 3+6; 4+5; 4+6; 5+6

(3) Corner uppermost – three upward facing numbers will be favoured. In this example, the die is loaded to roll 1, 4, or 5. These are the 8 possible loaded combinations when the die is corner-loaded: 1+2+3; 1+2+4; 1+3+5; 1+4+5; 2+3+6; 2+4+6; 3+5+6; 4+5+6. 

  • Roll on a rough surface when possible, for example a tablecloth or carpet. Avoid shiny surfaces where the die might slide. 
  • In the event that you forget which number(s) the die is presently loaded for, wobble the die on the palm of your hand. You will be able to feel the position of the weight. 
  • Practice rolling your loaded die. There is a ‘knack’ to it. A gentle roll is usually more effective than a fast one.

Colour : white with black spots.
Materials : Shell: polyester resin cast using our unique moulding system; Insert: Multi Jet Fusion printed PA12 thermoplastic; Loading material: 5 grams gallium metal.
Other features : The outer shell is continuous, no seam or join marks to arouse suspicion. The dice are solid but the illustration shows a hollow view to make clear how the insert is positioned.
Shipping Cost : 3.50 within UK, Royal Mail (untracked, 1st class). Flat rate of 10.00 GBP to the rest of the world (tracked airmail).
Shipping Times : 95% of orders are shipped within 2 working days. If you order a custom-made item, it will take from 1 – 3 weeks and I will keep you informed of progress. If there are any unexpected delays or problems I will let you know immediately.

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