Odds and Evens Thrower


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★ Odds thrower
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Odds and Evens Thrower dice are also known as “three-way tops” dice. The Odd Thrower always throws an odd number because it only has 1s, 3s and 5s on it. The duplicated numbers are on opposite sides to each other, and since only 3 sides of a cube can be seen at any one time, the die will appear normal whichever angle it is viewed from. The Even Thrower is the opposite of the Odd Thrower. This one always throws an even number because it only has 2s, 4s and 6s on it.

These dice are useful to magicians who want to force a predictable outcome, players of certain role-playing games; players of the dice game Odd or Even (obviously!)

Size : 16mm (5/8inch)
Shape : rounded edges and corners
Colour : white with black spots.
Materials : injection-moulded plastic.
Other features : The blank dice are made in England from injection-moulded plastic. I use a precision jig system to machine the pip indents into exact position then colour them with a mica infused acrylic paint which is extremely hard-wearing.
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