Matching Regular (18mm)


Bamboozle them with trick dice, do a switch, then let them examine matching regulars.

IMPORTANT: these are 18mm regular dice which match the hidden insert range (loaded, magnetic, etc).
If you want 16mm regular dice which match the mis-spotted dice range, click HERE.



Perfectly ordinary – no weights, magnets or gimmicks. Don’t overlook the power of these ordinary dice which look identical to all the other dice in the 18mm hidden insert range. They are the same size and colour so they can be handled and examined without arousing suspicion, then substituted for the trick dice at an opportune moment. Lull your victim into a false sense of security.

If you are buying any of the other trick dice, you should seriously consider whether you need matching regulars too. I have lost count of the numbers of times a customer has ordered regulars after receiving their trick dice. Save on postage and order them at the same time.

IMPORTANT! These regulars match trick dice in the 18mm range. CLICK HERE if you want regulars which match the 16mm range of trick dice.

Size : 18mm (3/4inch)
Shape : rounded edges and corners
Colour : white with black spots or red with white spots.
Materials : polyester resin cast using our unique moulding system.
Other features : The outer shell is continuous, no seam or join marks to arouse suspicion. The dice are solid but the illustration shows a hollow view to make clear how the insert is positioned.
Shipping Cost : 3.50 within UK, Royal Mail (untracked, 1st class). Flat rate of 10.00 GBP to the rest of the world (tracked airmail).
Shipping Times : 95% of orders are shipped within 2 working days. If a delay is expected, you will be informed.
Custom-made options : No other sizes available. Some other colours may be available, contact me for more info.

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white with black spots, red with white spots


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