Iron Core


This die is iron on the inside and can be detected/influenced by a magnet.

Options available :
★ choose white with black spots or red with white spots


This die contains a 16mm iron core hidden inside the 18mm die. The core is made from iron particles set in resin and moulded into a shape which conforms to the exterior shape of the die, therefore the outer skin of the die is a uniform 1mm thickness.

The iron is attracted to a magnet – strongly, but not as strongly as if the core were solid iron rather than resin/iron mix. Similarly, the die doesn’t weigh as heavily as it would if the core were solid iron, therefore it can be handled without arousing suspicion. Detectable/interactable by a magnet through several millimetres of wood.

This die is often used in conjunction with a magnetic PK ring for detection routines such as the Kurotsuke effect, or with a chop cup for a vanish routine.

Size : 18mm (3/4inch)
Shape : rounded edges and corners
Colour : white with black spots or red with white spots.
Materials : polyester resin cast using our unique moulding system. Iron insert.
Other features : The outer shell is continuous, no seam or join marks to arouse suspicion. The dice are solid but the illustration shows a hollow view to make clear how the insert is positioned.
Shipping Cost : 3.50 within UK, Royal Mail (untracked, 1st class). Flat rate of 10.00 GBP to the rest of the world (tracked airmail).
Shipping Times : 95% of orders are shipped within 2 working days. If a delay is expected, you will be informed.
Custom-made options : No other sizes available. Some other colours may be available, contact me for more info.

Additional information

choose colour

white with black spots, red with white spots

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Trick Dice (hidden insert, mis-spotted, misc.)

Hidden Insert Dice (loaded, magnetic,)

Loaded Dice

face loaded (with lead) : heavily biassed to favour one number
edge loaded (with lead) : heavily biassed to favour two numbers
corner loaded (with lead) : heavily biassed to favour three numbers
face loaded (with iron) : lightly biassed to favour one number
edge loaded (with iron) : lightly biassed to favour two numbers
corner loaded (with iron) : lightly biassed to favour three numbers
overloaded : bottom-heavy, light on top - twice loaded.
reloader :
can be reset to load any face, edge, or corner.

Magnetic Dice

single magnet in face (forces one number)
single magnet in corner
(forces three numbers)
two magnets in two faces
(forces either of 2 numbers)
magnetic core
(magnetic on all faces)

Mis-spotted Dice (forcing, double number, high or low, etc)

Twice Dice (2 faces show the same number)
Forcing Dice (same number on every face)
High or Low Throwers (all faces 4/5/6 or 1/2/3)
Odd or Even Throwers (all faces 1/3/5 or 2/4/6)
Mixed Set of Mis-spots (6 dice selection)
Craps Dice - Door Pops (always rolls 7 or 11)
Craps Dice - Point Makers (never rolls 2, 3, 7 or 12)
Craps Dice Mixed Set 6 dice selection)
Opposites NOT Seven (opposite sides do not total seven)
Matching Regular (ordinary die that matches trick ones)

Miscellaneous (floats, iron core, etc)

floats (lightly biassed due to off-centre hollow inside)
iron core (detectable/influenced by a 2nd magnet)

Matching Regular (Ordinary dice which look identical to trick dice)

18mm Regular Dice (looks identical to the hidden insert dice range)
16mm Regular Dice (looks identical to the mis-spotted dice range)

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Hemme Dice (a unique layout for rolling 1 - 6)
Nontransitive - set of 3 (die A beats B beats C beats A!)
Nontransitive - set of 4 (aka Efron's Dice)
Nontransitive - Double Whammy (an extra twist)
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