Face Loaded (with lead)


This die is heavily loaded to favour rolling one number.

Options available :
★ choose from loaded numbers 1- 6, or set of all six numbers
★ choose white with black spots or red with white spots



This die is heavily loaded to favour rolling one number.

A precisely shaped lead weight is hidden 1mm below the surface of these dice. They are likely to stop rolling with the weight lowermost, and thus your chosen number(s) uppermost. These dice have a success rate of 60% – 70% as demonstrated in the video below featuring a loaded 3 die. Magicians would not consider these odds favourable enough to base a trick on. However please note that the number 4 (on the opposite side to the loaded number) is rolled only once in 113 rolls. In other words, this die has a 64% chance of rolling a 3, but a 99.2% chance of NOT rolling a 4.

Size : 18mm (3/4inch)
Shape : rounded edges and corners
Colour : white with black spots or red with white spots.
Materials : polyester resin cast using our unique moulding system – very tough. Lead insert.
Other features : The outer shell is continuous, no seam or join marks to arouse suspicion. The dice are solid but the illustration shows a hollow view to make clear how the insert is positioned.
Shipping Cost : 3.50 within UK, Royal Mail, 1st class, untracked. Flat rate of 5.00 GBP to the rest of the world, Royal Mail standard airmail, untracked.
Shipping Times : 95% of orders are shipped within 2 working days. If a delay is expected, you will be informed.
Custom-made options : No other sizes available. Some other colours may be available, contact me for more info.

Additional information

choose loaded number

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, set of six (one of each)

choose colour

white with black spots, red with white spots


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