trick dice

My trick dice are of two sorts :

(1) hidden insert dice
Externally, all the dice in this range are identical – 18mm (3/4inch) with rounded corners, supplied in white with black spots or red with white spots. They are made from polyester resin cast using my unique moulding system. The outer shell is continuous, no seam or join marks to arouse suspicion. Some examples of hidden inserts are: magnets, weights, hollow voids, shaped iron core.

(2) Mis-spotted
These dice are 16mm (5/8inch), white with black spots and rounded corners. The ‘trick’ about these dice is that the number and layout of the pips (spots) differs from a regular die. The blank dice are made in England from injection-moulded plastic. I use a precision jig system to machine the pip indents into exact position then colour them with a mica infused acrylic paint which is extremely hard-wearing. Some examples are Twice Dice (each has a duplicated number), Forcing Dice (every face is the same number), and High/Low/Odd/Even Throwers (which have only those corresponding numbers).