Can you make other sizes?

In short, I cannot make different sizes in the 18mm range (hidden insert) but can offer some options in the 16mm (mis-spotted) range. Read on for more detail.

I make 2 types of trick dice. One type is 16mm, the other type is 18mm:

  • The 16mm sized dice are mis-numbered – I’ve altered the pattern of the pips. See the full range here. I can supply these in a range of colours – White as standard, but also black, red, blue, green, purple, orange as custom-made.
  • The 18mm sized dice contain hidden gimmicks – weights.magnets, hollow spaces, etc.. See the full range here. These are only available in white or red.

18mm dice

My range of 18mm ‘hidden insert‘ dice (for example loaded, magnetic, floats, etc) are manufactured using my unique moulding system which allows me to position secret gimmicks inside the dice. The system took many years to develop and the components that produce repeatable, highly accurate moulds took many months to create.

I therefore thought long and hard about the size and shape of the dice it would produce. I settled on 18mm with slightly rounded edges for these reasons:

  • 18mm (3/4″) is a good ‘medium’ size for a wide range of uses.
  • It is big enough for the loading material to exert good leverage on the centre of gravity
  • I need to leave an unbroken skin of resin at least 1mm thick around the whole die. The smaller the die, the higher proportion of it would be skin, thus lessening the effectiveness of the loading material.
  • If the die were too rounded, the distance from the weighting material to the centre of gravity would be reduced, thus limiting the leverage exerted, and thus the effectiveness.
  • If the edges were too sharp, there would be a tendency for the die to come to a sudden, suspicious halt on the loaded face.

Given the time and expense it would take me to make another set of moulds of a different size, I am committed to producing my hidden insert dice in 18mm size and no other. It simply is not practical for me to manufacture other sizes.

Mis-spotted dice

My standard dice in the mis-spotted range are 16mm (5/8inch), white with black spots and rounded corners. These are manufactured using a quite different system to the above. I use a precision jig system on a milling machine to create pip indents exactly where needed. I can offer a few options in size. Prices:

From Stock:

16mm; rounded edges; white with black spots : £3 each; (these are my regular website prices)

Custom Made:

  • 18mm, sharp edges; white with black spots : £6 each
  • 22mm; rounded edges; white with black spots : £7 each
  • 30mm; rounded edges; white with black spots : £8 each

My apologies to some of my older customers: I can no longer obtain 36mm blank dice. The biggest I can get is 30mm which is still a good size for stage work.

Please contact me if you want any of these custom sizes. I will send you a PayPal invoice for payment