Can you make other colours?

In short, I can make different colours in the 16mm (mis-spotted) range. I can custom-make to order in red, blue, green, black, purple or orange. However my options are far more restricted in the 18mm range (hidden insert). I can do it but I require a large order and a lot of time to do it.

18mm dice

In order to make these dice a custom colour I have to make new moulds and use new tools, otherwise a tiny piece of a different colour gets into the die and spoils it. I use two completely separate sets of equipment to offer a choice of red or white dice. Therefore any colour except red or white is very expensive, you have to buy a minimum of 64 dice and the price is 20 GBP each. If you buy more than 64, the price per die gets a little cheaper. I require 2 months notice to allow me to schedule this work. Sorry I know this is prohibitively expensive but I’ve tried making custom colour before and it is so difficult preventing cross-contamination of the colours. If I haven’t put you off yet, please contact me to discuss further!

16mm dice

From Stock:

16mm; rounded edges; white with black spots : £3 each; (these are my regular website prices)

Custom Made:

16mm; rounded edges; any of these colours – black, red, blue, green, purple, orange; any colour pips you want (I recommend white or gold): £6 each.

Please contact me to order or discuss.